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Minutes of 2017 AGM

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Minutes of the 100th Annual General Meeting held at Turnbull Family Funerals, 71 Letitia St
North Hobart on Wednesday 15th November 2017 at 5.30p.m.
Present: Ann Hopkins, (Chairman) Greg Jackson (Secretary), Bill Brundle, Margaret Keogh, Alan
Keogh, Carlene Jackson, Don Jones, Rosemary Laver, Janetta Nicholson, John Nicholson, David
Green, Bill Casimaty, Ralph Tapping, Ted Best, Rex Wilson, Max Brown, Andrew Ross, Mary
Marsh, Fred Westwood.
1. Apologies: Margaret Price, Peter Stone, Marjorie Deeth, Gerald Parsell, John Berry, John
Sutton, Sally Poole, Julie Bullen, Graeme Hitchcock, Graeme Mills, Pauline Dobson, Mary
2. Minutes: Minutes of the 99th AGM were read by the secretary.
It was moved Margaret Keogh seconded Bill Brundle that the Minutes be confirmed
3. Business Arising:
The surplus Centenary Books have been given to the Hobart College for presentations.
4. President’s Report: The President presented and read her report, noting that:
 This year is the 100th anniversary of the construction of the Old School building; it was
opened on the 18th December 1917.
 Attendance at our Monthly luncheons and Annual Social events is still strong.
 The OHA/UTAS scholarship continues to attract donations from old scholars.
 There has been a decline in membership largely due to the advancing years of our
She moved and Margaret Keogh seconded that the report be received. CARRIED
5. Financial Statements: In presenting the statement of Income and Expenditure and the
audited financial statement for 2016/2017, the Hon. Treasurer noted that the deficit of income
over expenditure was due to the transfer of $1000 from the current account to the Investment
account. He also noted that we have 41 un-financial members.
Before moving a motion to accept the financial statements, the Hon. Treasurer reported that, `
In accordance with the Australian Government and the Australian Taxation Office reference
NAT 7966, the OHA is classed as a non-profit association established for community service
purposes. This grants the OHA Income Tax exempt status and a review of the Association’s
activities confirm that during the twelve month period to 30 September, 2017 there has been no
major change in structure or activity to alter this exemption status.’
In concluding his report, the Hon. Treasurer thanked Greg Jackson and Max Brown for their
The Treasurer moved that the report be accepted. Seconded Carlene Jackson CARRIED.
Website: http://www.oha.asn.au President: Ann Hopkins Ph 03 62442140; Treasurer: Andrew Ross Ph 03 62444628
Secretary: Greg Jackson Ph03 62437062, 4 Kent Street Lindisfarne Tasmania 7015 Email: grjacbj@internode.on.net
6. Election of Officers: The Secretary reported that sufficient valid nominations were received
prior to the commencement of the meeting to fill all positions and that the following are
elected unopposed.
President: Ann Hopkins
I/P President: Rosemary Laver
Vice President: Pauline Dobson
Hon, Secretary: Greg Jackson
Hon. Treasurer: Andrew Ross
Committee Members: – Graeme Hitchcock, Julie Bullen, Mary Marsh
Elected in 2016 and continuing- Bill Brundle, Margaret Keogh, Rex Wilson
The secretary noted that Ted Best had declined nomination to the
committee but is willing to continue to chair the Scholarship fund and attend
committee meetings when available.
Auditor: It was proposed G. Jackson, seconded A. Ross that Max Brown be appointed Auditor
7. Annual Subscriptions: Andrew Ross moved “the annual membership remain at $10 and
that all those with memberships for the life of the Association continue to be invited to make a
donation towards the Association’s funds. Seconded Rosie Laver. Carried.
8. General Business:
1. The President moved that Rex Wilson be awarded Life membership of the Association.
In proposing the motion she noted Rex’s outstanding service to the School, the College,
education in general and to the Association. Don Jones seconded the motion which was
put and carried unanimously.
She then presented Rex with a Life Member’s Certificate.
Rex spoke of the enjoyment he has gained from his involvement with the School and
the Association and thanked the members.
2. Ted Best recommended that the committee make further efforts to encourage Hobart
College alumni to join the Association.
3. Don Jones suggested that sporting clubs bearing the OHA name be encouraged to
4. Carlene Jackson suggested that attempts be made to obtain media interest related to
the age of the school and the building.
The President undertook to raise all issues at the first meeting of committee.
The next committee meeting will be on the first Tuesday in February
There being no further business the Chairman thanked those attending and closed the meeting
at 6.10 p.m.
Confirmed President
Note: Following the meeting members adjourned to the Black Buffalo Hotel for a meal

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